Monday, March 11, 2013

White Chocolate Raspberry Delight

White Chocolate Raspberry Delight 6" x 6" oil on 1.5" thick canvas, painting wraps around edges, signed on side
I've never eaten something so decadent, it's like out of the rococo period or something.  This raspberry iced dessert has white chocolate sides with chocolate mousse on the inside with a little wafer on the bottom; those little ornaments on the top were chocolate too! Anyway, about the painting, I feel heavily influenced by Wayne Thiebaud, I love the pop-art quality. I like the happy feeling associated with that purple/blue/pink color, it creates a jubilant atmosphere. I also like observing the color choices the chef had made, like that pale green juxtaposed against the alizarin crimson.The top of the cake is an effective sculpture because it looks like a playground, if you imagined yourself mini.

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