Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Goodale Park

Sunday Afternoon in Goodale Park 11" x 14" oil on canvas
On Sunday there was an event called "Art in the Park" hosted by Friends of Goodale Park, I was one of the plein-air artists painting during the concert.  I feel like I should go back in and crisp things up, but I feel like it would take away from the fast plein-air strokes, I'm very conflicted. I did find that I like taking pictures of the painting in direct sunlight because it replicated the color almost perfectly. I try not to have a glare, but I don't think I can get rid of that without taking away the color. Here's a pictures from the event:
Kind of a silly picture, you can tell I haven't started painting yet. The jazz band played in the gazebo, quite a good turnout. I liked how the music played really fast at the end(very Jethro Tull), it made me paint quick.

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