Thursday, March 15, 2012

Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Hills and Far Away 6" x 6 " oil on masonite
This is another plein-air painting I did yesterday. I like to sometimes put my panel on the edge of the easel so I can make a clean stroke to the bottom, but when a big gust of wind blows past, the panel flies. Not once, but twice it landed in my palette; the wind is my enemy. There's a bit of rainbow on the back. I wonder if artists that paint big outside ever had a gust of wind take their canvas away, t'would be very comedic.

This painting of a shrub reminded me of a story my aunt told. When she was in England this lady got on the subway with a shrub, and my uncle discreetly leans over to my aunt and says "Some people can't leave home without their shrubbery."

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  1. Funny story...made me lol. Maybe have the wind push the brush around with you holding it and see what happens. Nice paintings!